My name is Danny Carmical

...and I'm a professional amateur creative guru extraordinaire! I'm a husband to one and a father to four and I make a mean omelet. I like nouns... you can always count on them for a good time!

Services & Specialties

When I'm not partaking in planning out my million dollar omelet franchise, I enjoy making a living providing these services to people:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Logo/Brand Design
  • Graphics/Illustrations
  • Wordpress Theme Design & Development
  • User Experience Consulting

Knowledge & Experience

"The only source of knowledge is experience."- Albert Einstein

I have over 18 years of experience designing, developing and maintaining websites. I like to cozy up next to the fireplace with a good web manual to keep up with today's current practices. I've been drawing since I was a small child and I can change diapers in 37 countries.

Enough bragging though, here's some of the web goods I practice in:

  • JavaScript/Jquery
  • Wordpress Theme/Plugin Development
  • Adobe:Photoshop/Illustrator


  • Away From Kitchen Tumblr Website
  • Business Playce Website
  • Agent Cathie Website
  • Conversion Pipeline Website
  • Hype Wordpress Theme
  • Valentines Landing Page
  • TumblNews Tumblr Theme


  • Baltimore Starz Logo
  • Journey 4A Cure Logo
  • Tako Taco Logo
  • Lenny Kaholo Photography Logo
  • Lorett's Jewelry Logo
  • 6MM Logo
  • Pygmyo Logo


  • Lucky Kind Graphic Illustration
  • Ninja Character Illustration
  • Beans the Dog Character Illustration
  • Fleur de Golf Illustration
  • Conan VS Bear Character Illustration
  • Doctor Manhattan's Sidekick Character Illustration

Interested In My Services? Get in touch via the Twitter or E-Mail links below. Thanks!